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Rachel Bio

Rachel Walker

Rachel Walker was born in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. Raised in a lakeside First Nations reserve by American missionary parents in Fort St.James on Stuart Lake. Growing up with the spiritually inspiring people of that area and beauty of the simple ways of the land. The rustic environment and lack of modern convieniences developed her artistic talents and love for music. Rachel moved to California with her family later in the teens years and attended college in Chicago.

As the passion for music continued to evolve, Rachel returned to Canada and hosted radio programs in Edmonton, Alberta and Prince George, British Columbia. Working on her catalogue of originals song, she performed at telethons, talent shows, coffee houses and music festivals.  In 2000 she released her first album tilted “Sent”.

After her first well received album, Rachel released ” Zorobabel” in 2005 working with studio musicians from the Cariboo area of British Columbia. Soon after she formed The Rachel Walker Trio, which released two addition albums ” The Best of Zest” volumes 1 & 2. Comprised of seasoned musicians who found writing and performing to be a driving passion to a joyful and satisfying life. After performing at concerts, music festivals, international television appearances and smaller more intimate venues, the band began to focus the majority of its resources to online fans and clients.

Rachel enjoys combining the visual arts with her music, being an accomplished painter and potter, she also continues to release singles in video form. Rachel truly finds artistic  fulfillment collaborating with international music professionals, focusing and building her catalogue of music for placement in the tv, film and music industries.